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Student Drifter Cleyde Gomes Came All the Way From Brazil!

Cleyde Gomes student drifter came to Drift 101 all the way from Brazil, to learn to drift with Drift 101! Come experience and learn drift driving techniques at Drift 101. (more…)

Just letting go…

One of the toughest aspect of instructing new drivers is to teach them to let go of the steering wheel to allow the car to countersteer on its own.  This video below is a great example of what we want our drivers to do. [embed]https://youtu.be/wWbXrz91WgA?t=1m39s[/embed]

Another Day Another Drifter! Drift101 Doin’ The Thing

Drift101's very own Naoki Kobayashi puts in his two sense with drift student and stunt driver Greg Askin. Doin' the thing! Doin' the thing!

Taking Our Latest Drift101 Student From Maybe To Madness!

Click this post to see what happens when you take Drift101 's two-day drifting course. Madness.