Drift101 - It's not the "watered" down version.

The premier Drift School in the U.S.A provides the class known as Drift 101. Drift 101 is a drifting school that gives the driver the opportunity to try drifting first hand under the supervision of professional U.S. drivers.

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Although our posts and updates have the date of September 26th, 2013 on them, we have been doing our best to fix this issue.  We apologize for any confusion and we will continue to update the site as often as we can. Drift101 staff September 9th, 2015


New paint and graphics for our coupe

  After many years, we finally found time to paint our coupe to match the rest of the fleet.


Heading North and new video content.

Drift 101 is heading to Northern California in August.  We will be heading up on August 22nd and 23rd.  Please contact us if you are interested in attending a class. Drift 101 has its own Youtube channel.  We will start providing content we feel is useful as a driving enthusiast or future student.  Visit our Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/drift101channel

Sports Racing gas sponsors Drift 101

We are very happy to announce Sports Racing Gas as our new sponsor for this year.  Sports Racing Gas is a local fuel supplier that makes their racing fuel in house in the city of Lancaster.  Their 112 octane fuel price is a lot lower then their competitors and we have been using their fuel with great results. Check our their website or pick up some fuel at: Sports Racing Gasoline www.s…


Photos by Matt Ulfelder

Matt Ulfelder, local photographer for AMDrift.com came out last minute to take photos of our students.  I wanted to thank him and the students for coming out.    


Just letting go…

One of the toughest aspect of instructing new drivers is to teach them to let go of the steering wheel to allow the car to countersteer on its own.  This video below is a great example of what we want our drivers to do. [embed]https://youtu.be/wWbXrz91WgA?t=1m39s[/embed]

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Another Day Another Drifter! Drift101 Doin’ The Thing

Drift101’s very own Naoki Kobayashi puts in his two sense with drift student and stunt driver Greg Askin. Doin’ the thing! Doin’ the thing!


Taking Our Latest Drift101 Student From Maybe To Madness!

Click this post to see what happens when you take Drift101 ‘s two-day drifting course. Madness.


Ford Mustang anyone?

      We are currently testing this Mustang as a possible Drift 101 car.  Stay tuned for more information  


Garvin Cross Precision driving demo reel.

We are always happy to see our customers include what they learned at Drift 101 into their demo reel.  It is even better when our class leads to future work as a stunt/precision driver.  Such is the case with Garvin Cross, a stunt driver from Canada who was proud to display his commercial work after attending our class. [embed]https://vimeo.com/90907324[/embed]  

Happy Birthday Joseph!

  On behalf of the staff at Drift101, I wanted to wish Joseph Schafer a Happy Birthday!  We hope you enjoy your Drift101 certificate and will meet soon for your lesson!  


New STR Racing wheels for the Drift 101 cars

  Our Nissan 350z got some new wheels provided by STR racing.  The size and offset we chose for the Z are 17×9 with a 20mm offset.  For more information about the wheels, visit www.str-racing.com  


Featured Student Driver: Garvin Cross

Stunt man Garvin Cross trekked down to Southern California all the way from British Columbia, Canada for a two day course. Cross has been in the film and TV industry for several years, jumping from buildings, catching himself on fire and driving vehicles. Cross came to Drift 101 to experience drifting first hand and to hone his car-control skills. Under the instruction of professional drifter …


NEW Drift 101 Tee Available Now

Thanks to themeatrocket.com, Drift 101 now offers the Drift 101 Tee. The Drift 101 Donut logo tee is a Grey, 90% Cotton/ 10% Polyester, and Pre-Shrunk Tee. It comes in S, M, L, XL, XXL. Order yours today at themeatrocket.com

Learn to Drift with Drift 101

Drift 101 is the premier drift school in the USA, with over 7 years operational experience. Learn to drift from our Professional instructors, like Jeff Jones, who teach proficient drift techniques and car control. Book your lesson (car included!), at: www.Drift101.com

Drift 101 Drift School – Student: Robert Levin

Robert Levin visit us all the way from Palm Beach Florida. He signed up for Drift 101 Drift School, and took a three day course in drifting. Robert used one of the Drift 101 Nissan 240sx, s13 vehicles. He quickly went through the lessons, and learned left/right hand donuts, figure eights as well as clutch kick and e-brake initiation techniques. Robert took advantage of our Multi-Media pac…

101_certificate_Christmans_Don Lulay

Happy Holidays from Drift101

Merry Christmas Don Lulay, from Teresa Lulay and Drift101! If you would like to purchase a Drift101 gift certificate for a friend or loved one, contact naoki@driftday.com

chaos350z copy

Motivation Monday – Chaos is Good for the Soul

Drifting at first glance seems unpredictable and random and many call it chaos. Attend Drift 101 and learn to take control of chaos and master the basic techniques of drifting.


2013 SoCal Viper Club Car Control Clinic

On September 7, 2013 the SoCal Viper Club hosted their annual Car Control clinic at the Fontana California Speedway. Drift101 was asked to attend to teach Viper Club members some basics of drifting. Drift Day instructors were on site to offer tips and driving techniques to the VCA members, as well as vehicle support. Club members were given the opportunity to rent a Drift101 vehicle before app…

Drift 101 Flyer

Drift 101 Gift Certificates

Are you looking for a gift for your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend? A gift certificate to a day at the Drift 101 drifting school is one of the best gifts you can give. We recommend that the driver who receives this certificate has some drifting experience and a vehicle that is equipped to withstand a full day of drifting. A drifting instructor will be available to coach and instruct the driver….