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Drift 101 Drift School – Student: Robert Levin

Robert Levin visit us all the way from Palm Beach Florida. He signed up for Drift 101 Drift School, and took a three day course in drifting. Robert used one of the Drift 101 Nissan 240sx, s13 vehicles. He quickly went through the lessons, and learned left/right hand donuts, figure eights as well as clutch kick and e-brake initiation techniques. Robert took advantage of our Multi-Media pac...

Happy Holidays from Drift101

Merry Christmas Don Lulay, from Teresa Lulay and Drift101! If you would like to purchase a Drift101 gift certificate for a friend or loved one, contact

Motivation Monday – Chaos is Good for the Soul

Drifting at first glance seems unpredictable and random and many call it chaos. Attend Drift 101 and learn to take control of chaos and master the basic techniques of drifting.

2013 SoCal Viper Club Car Control Clinic

On September 7, 2013 the SoCal Viper Club hosted their annual Car Control clinic at the Fontana California Speedway. Drift101 was asked to attend to teach Viper Club members some basics of drifting. Drift Day instructors were on site to offer tips and driving techniques to the VCA members, as well as vehicle support. Club members were given the opportunity to rent a Drift101 vehicle before app...