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That's right! The moment you've all been waiting for! As of June 2016, you can now rent our Drift 101 Nissan 240SX to tear up on the track! We supply gas, tires, and team member support for duration of your rental. Prices are $100/hour with a 3 hour minimum. Terms and conditions do apply. Driver must have taken at least 2 prior Drift 101 classes with us. Driver may not exceed 2nd gear. P...

Another Day Another Drifter! Drift101 Doin’ The Thing

Drift101's very own Naoki Kobayashi puts in his two sense with drift student and stunt driver Greg Askin. Doin' the thing! Doin' the thing!

Taking Our Latest Drift101 Student From Maybe To Madness!

Click this post to see what happens when you take Drift101 's two-day drifting course. Madness.