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Drifting Like a Boss! Fredric Aasbo’s with his Girlfriend Hunter at Drift 101

Fredric Aasbo an his girlfriend Hunter made their way out to Drift 101, but behold the roles have flipped! Aasbo brought Hunter to jump behind the wheel and he will be the spectator. (more…)

Everyday Driver Adventures comes to Drift 101

“Everyday Driver” is a fully independent, car show that will be airing on Velocity from Discovery for 13 weeks, starting April 2017. Todd Deeken, Paul Schmucker and the rest of the Everyday Driver crew came out to Drift 101 for a full episode of "How to Drift". (more…)

The Drift 101 Experience in VR 360 with Superswell VR

Superswell® VR produces an influencer-driven series called Under-the-Radar Adventures in cities across the globe. The first series, filmed in Los Angeles, uncovers the lesser-known, knock-your-socks-off experiences in the greater Los Angeles area. Their most recent adventures include Drift classes with Drift101 in an adrenaline-fueled episode. So Drift in 360 degrees with the Drift 101 crew and U...

Photos by Matt Ulfelder

Matt Ulfelder, local photographer for came out last minute to take photos of our students.  I wanted to thank him and the students for coming out.